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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Favourite Food with the Indon Clan

So it's just a get together at 127 Kitchener Road when one of my aunts was here for a short stay. It's been no secret that Putien has been one of my favourite eating places ever since they opened their first outlet in Singapore. My dad is a fan of Putien delicacies and can never stop singing praises about the food there. 

Just a short history, long long long looong time ago, my ancestors moved from the capital of China and settled in Putien. It was later when my great grandfather traveled with my grandfather to Indonesia to do business. They had intention to return to China but I heard it was the cultural revolution that time which left the Chinese community there with the choice to settle down in Indonesia. So grandpa met grandma whose family had decided to stay in Indonesia as well and my dad was born. My dad grew up enjoying Putien delicacies prepared by his grandmother so that is probably also why he seems so thrilled everyone he dines in this restaurant. Dad came to Singapore to study and met my mum. That is roughly how I ended up a proud Singaporean. 

Contrary to popular understanding or the lack of it, I am a Chinese and my ancestors were from China. "Wijaya" is a Sanskrit-derived surname which the people with the surname "Huang" picked for themselves because of restrictions on the use of Chinese surnames on official documents. Don't ask me why, I find that restriction really absurd and unnecessary too. So yes, strictly speaking, I am authentically a 黄.

That's bitter gourd by the way

Speaking of 黄, for the benefit of fellow 黄s, here is a little fact about us. "黄姓出自赢姓". If you have no idea what that means, we are related to Emperor Qin (How cool is that?). To put it very very simply, 黄 is one of the 14 surnames derived from the surname 赢. In the ancient China, children take on their mothers' surname and 赢 is the surname of Emperor Qin's mother. If you are proficient in Chinese, you might want to read into details here -

The other 13 surnames that are derived from 赢 are:
  • 既徐
  • 终黎
  • 运奄
  • 菟裘
  • 将梁
  • 修鱼
  • 白冥
  • 蜚廉

And I just realised something. I was told "Wijaya" means victory. 赢 means victory too. Is this a coincidence or are the 黄 people in Indonesia back then just so brilliant in picking out a word that carries such significance?!?!?

Putien is located near the sea so it is not a surprise that most dishes are made up of seafood. I am not a fan of seafood but thank goodness there's pork, else I would just have to sit by the table and starve.

Pig trotters. Instead of 猪脚 (literal meaning: Pig's leg), they call it 猪手 (pig's...arm?).
I am guessing that it is an attempt to sound a little more sophisticated? Hilarious nonetheless.

If you ever dine in this restaurant, you MUST try their Putien Bee Hoon and Putien Lor Mee. Repeat after me, MUST TRY.

Friday, April 11, 2014

This cannot happen without these supportive people

Here, the birth of Pawfection's first batch of house brand products.

Each collar comes with a limited-edition Pawfection charm.

I know Pawfection will continue to expand, one step after another, with the love and support from everyone related. Pawfection is what Caesar left behind for me to keep alive and I will work hard for it.

I do not have many friends but I am happy to say I have a few extremely supportive ones. They are the reasons for the contented and positive person I am. These friends have traveled peaks and valleys with me - they have helped me up when I am down, cared for and worry for me when I was going through the darkest moment of my life, they have cried with me, defended for me when I was weakened, they have celebrated my trifling success, shared my enthusiasm and joy, laughed at my stupid jokes, believed in me and gave me the support and encouragement regardless of whether I needed them. What more incredible is, they have done all the above even without having to say a word. I count myself truly blessed for having such riches of companionship.

Supplementary to the aforementioned, I also consider myself extremely lucky to be well-loved by a few of my readers or people I had not met before. I mean, to be very honest, I am not exactly the kind of person who is easily well-liked by others - people who dislike me really hate me to the core (well I do not know what the hell was wrong with JKAL, CJM and LJF though, one likes to break happy family up, other two shrieks and laugh when they learnt that Caesar was poisoned... siao ah?)

Okay so back to what I was saying - on the topic of sweet readers. I do not always have nice things to say because I prefer to speak my mind. I believe I can be very mean on selective basis and I have hurt people because I think they deserved it. Thus, the sincerity and warmth of these people could appear so overwhelming that sometimes I questioned myself if I truly deserved what they have given me.

Remember the time I was struggling to pay for Caesar's costly medical fees? Many people whom I have not met before helped in the best way they could, each in their own ways. Another complete stranger who saw me on Facebook just a day before, appeared and offered to foot the whole bill - I did not even know her and neither did she know Caesar or myself until a day before she met me in person. I did not accept her offer but she ended up insisting to help out with a significant fraction. For every bit of help I received, I felt thankful yet in my heart I cried. Why were they and what made them so sure that I deserved their assistance? What have I ever done to make them think I am worthy of their help? They were definitely more supportive than many people I have known for years or whom I have helped before.

The selflessness from these people gave me the hardest slaps in my face. They are the reasons for my (then) new-found determination to be a better person - a person who is worthy of the compassion they have showered upon me.


In connection to the launch of Pawfect Collars, I would like to shout-out special thanks to the following people who were among the first to enthusiastically share the news of the launch with their friends on social media. There aren't many but like I have said, it is really the few extremely supportive ones who kept everything in my life going.

In case you do not know, each of QiuQiu is a media personality whose Instagram update has a worth of a couple of hundreds of dollars each. I was not expecting her to go through ALL the trouble of saving the picture from Facebook and congratulate me with a long message in front of her 165000 followers.

Clara hit the "share" button within 5 seconds from my posting.

Cheryl bought like... many collars immediately for her 2 furry princesses.

Supportive customer turned good friend of mine



Last but not least, my best of all friends, my personal lifetime cheer-leading squad. <3

I know some other of my friends not active on Facebook probably have not received the news of the launch. I cannot wait to see their reactions towards my launch and receive the support I know they will give :)

Shop at:

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Love TOKYO and Sakura? You MUST check out what's for Charity Auction here!

In the name of charity, New Balance has offered me a pair of 890v4 shoe in TOKYO - CHERRY BLOSSOM design to be auctioned. The TOKYO - CHERRY BLOSSOM design is from the limited edition 890v4 RUNNING GLOBAL CITY PACK series which will be launched only in May.

100% of the amount from the winning bid will go to the beneficiary of Sundown Marathon. Keep in mind that ALL the money will go to charity. If I were you, I'll see it as making a donation and getting a free pair of good running shoes! Be the first few to own this limited edition pair!

Read more about the beneficiary and GIVEasia here:

Auction period:
8 April 2014 to 20 April 2014

Minimum bid:
$180 (as required by New Balance Singapore)

How to bid:

  1. Like my Facebook Page
  2. Place your bid in your comment here.

How to donate upon winning:
Go to the fund-raising page I created on GIVEasia at and make your donation (amount in your winning bid) within 24 hours after an announcement that you have won the auction. Your Facebook account will be tagged in my announcement.

How to receive your limited-edition shoes:
Message me your contact details via my Facebook page at and the good people at Hivelocity (Sundown Marathon's event organizer) will contact you shortly after!

You can still donate even if you do not want the pair of shoes! GIVEasia is a non-profit organisation that ensures 100% of the proceeds to go to the beneficiaries. You can read more about GIVEasia and the cause I am running for here.



890v4 shoe is a neutral cushioning series which has been embraced by runners around the globe for the iconic design and performance features. The fourth generation of this series continues to deliver on the surprisingly light ride of REVlite, but in an even more exceptional package with a revolutionized look. 

This year in 2014, the limited edition 890v4 RUNNING GLOBAL CITY PACK series will launch with Tokyo, London, Boston and Rome. The limited edition global running city collection is dedicated to some of the most popular running cities in the world. The collection features the 890v4 as the canvas to celebrate the unique running spirit of Tokyo, London, Boston and Rome. The New Balance 890 series is recognized as a global favourite, proving that one model can meet the needs of runners regardless of language or location. 

The series will also be launched in stores and at the Sundown Marathon booth in MAY 2014. 

Design inspirations: TOKYO - Cherry Blossoms 

Exquisite flowers that are the national flowers of Japan. Cherry blossom trees are called ‘Sakura’ in Japanese. The flower’s brief blooming time and the fragility of its blossoms, has led to an association with the transience of life. On mass, the blossoms resemble clouds and the fallen blossoms can be likened to snow – images that have captivated Japanese artistic sensibilities. The 890v4 will be available at NB Concept Stores, iRun, Running Lab and selected authorized retailers and retails for SGD$178.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Doing what I like. Life is good. Thank you Caesar.

I am thankful that I get the chance to enjoy what I am doing and am surviving pretty decently. I get to run my own business, blog, and contribute some of my time in volunteering and in the involvement of charity events. This year, I get the honour to be chosen as one of Sundown Marathon's Charity Ambassador. Running + Charity, two of the many things which I strive to be active with in life. What more can I ask of life? I bet Caesar's up there watching me and giving me lots of blessings too :)

The Greatest Gift is the Ability to Give. Most of us realize the importance of helping children mature into healthy contributing adults, but not every child has the opportunity to easily accomplish this fact. Life Community Services Society is one of the communities which actively seeks to help children at disadvantage reach their potential.

Join me because we all have the ability to make this world a better place for someone else. 100% proceeds go to the charity and GIVEasia does not profit from your donation.

Join my movement in raising funds for the children! It is easy to make your donation. Just go to my movement's page at and the instructions will guide you through.

About GIVEasia

Here's a thing which GIVEasia would be happy for others to highlight - 
GIVE is 100% Not-For-Profit

That's right, this means 100% of your donation goes to the charity. Unlike other online fund-raising services which absorbs 5% of your monetary contribution, GIVE does not profit from any donations. (I should have used this platform to raise funds for Caesar's 5-figure vet bills!)

I believe many of you will appreciate this fact - The idea of GIVE was born at the National University of Singapore in the discussion among 2 undergraduate students back in 2009. Made in Singapore! Find out more about GIVEasia, their awards and achievements here.

About Life Community Services Society

Here's what we got to do with the children of LCSS as Charity Ambassadors of Sundown Marathon 2014. According to their care-taker, it has been quite sometime since the children were so happy. :) I was just glad that our participation that morning made a small difference to the little ones.

Here's my little partner.

Side-tracking a little, I got my 5th pair of my favourite running shorts and this time in black. I swear they make my short legs look longer than they really are. The pictures say for themselves! Head to New Balance and get yours! I have never been obsessive with any running shorts till I tried this design.

I enjoy my time laughing and running around with kids but do not be fooled though, I am not the kind that gets pushed over by mischievous ones haha. I guess a handful who has seen me manage kids will agree completely. I surprised myself at how quick I snapped, "STOP IT" in a firm tone when the kids started a brief exchange of rowdy pushes. 也好像我真的比较习惯骂别人的孩子。。Well at least they stopped and that is a good thing. I do not doubt that being a little firm is necessary and it benefits the child.

Here's us

I read about their needs for volunteers to provide mentor-ship to the children and youths and when time permits, I will commit a fraction of my time for these younger ones. Who knows what extend of difference our tiny commitment could do for a child! I believe a little form of guidance from us will go a long way for them.

One more shout-out, be it a dollar or two, 
100% of your money goes to charity when you donate through GIVEasia. 
May you be blessed for your kind contribution!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Die, Big Demon!!

Some of you might be aware that I made my 1st trip to Indonesia in 12 years. Many relatives asked what took me so long to return to visit - it was a mixture of reasons but for 8.5 years, it was Caesar :) I was not able to sleep well without Caesar by my side and thus, the reluctance to travel.

Sis and me at the Social Tree @ Changi Airport

You must be wondering how has this trip got to do with the title of this post. While the elders were chatting at the restaurants' lobby, my siblings and I wandered into the pharmacy nearby. There, among the rows of medicated products, I spotted something that reads "DIE大妖精". As 大=Big and 妖精=Demon, this literally translates into Die, big demon.

It was spelt "DIE DA YAO JING" and I started giggling to myself. I asked my sis over and went, "You see, this product is called DIE, 大妖精" and we started laughing. We made sure we took out our cameras to capture a picture of this joke. The logo of this product didn't help. The man looks like an illustration of a 妖精 too.

Then we invited our dad to come over to read and laugh with us. I was like, "Pa你过来看这个是什么!!哈哈哈哈"

Here was my dad's reaction:


Then me and my sister burst out laughing ROFL. 
That instance, we realised that the product was not the joke. We were. 

跌打药经 is a medicated product used for massaging areas of the body experiencing joint aches. It's han yu pin ying is "die da yao jing" but in the absence of tone marks, we read 打药经 as 大妖精 and made it sounded hilarious to ourselves.

Here are some of the pictures taken on my short trip. We were in a rush everyday and thus I hardly have any pictures to show. I did not even have time to shop at all. Brought back all the rupiahs to Singapore.

The 1st place I have to recommend is Warung Tekko. I am sure most locals there are no strangers to Warung Tekko and they serve very good food. I had more than 3 servings of rice and my stomach felt as if it was filled to the brim.

Beef. I did not try this as I have stopped eating beef from sometime last year. 
My siblings could not stop raving about it though!

If you ever get to dine in Warung Tekko, please order their Ayam Penyet!! I forgot about the picture cos I devoured it right away.

The most impressive thing about the other restaurant we went - Sate Khas Senayan was not the great food or its decor, nor was it the ULTRA clean toilets but the total amount reflected on the bill. For about 15pax, we spent only approximately SGD$150 and it was a filling meal.

Sate Khas Senayan

Last but not least, I must introduce you to my best travel companion from! I had to be out all day in Indonesia and at all times, carrying a tablet, a smart camera as well as a phone. It was really thanks to Syho's portable charger with a power capacity of 12000mAh that I did not have to experience the insecurity of having drained batteries in any of my devices. I will feel crippled if any of my gadgets are down and I am feeling both thankful for and amazed by Syho's infinity series. It is really almost infinite in power capacity!

Syho is a Singaporean company that carries their own branding. Be sure to check out this product I got from them at or just navigate within the site for more products they have to offer. Every model comes in various colours and are all affordable.