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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Puppy Therapy

Meet Ah Bao, the English Bulldog puppy. Janny knew that her puppy would definitely brighten up my day and she invited me to say hi to Ah Bao, the precious little one. Unfortunately, he is not for rehoming, or else Shiva and I might just bring him home!

Hahaha, This reminds me of the pieces of chicken wrapped in seaweed.

It has been almost a year since Caesar went to heaven and lot of people are wondering if I am ever getting another dog. 

Dog owners have their own ways to grieve. Some people get another dog, some vow not to have pets ever. As for me, I saw no reason why I should punish myself and deprive myself of the unconditional love I can receive from a dog. :)

It has been hard dealing with Caesar's passing. For those who have known us or have been following us online over the years, you know how special the bond between us was. He was way more than merely a pet, more than a friend, a guardian and a listening ear - He was a part of me, he was a pillar of my life. 

Caesar did not die of a natural cause, neither was he killed in an accident. Caesar was intentionally fed a fatal dose of rat poison - He was murdered. He was forcefully taken away from me at a point where I was not at all ready to lose him. This past year has not been easy to get by. Many people whom I have spoken to told me that knowing how close Caesar and I were, you were expecting me to crumble after his tragic death... so did I. If not for the belief that Caesar could still witness and be affected by me if I sink into depression, I might prefer to lock myself away and cry. 

At that time, I did not adopt the dogs and puppies that were offered to me because my heart did not have the capacity to welcome another dog into my life and love him/her like how I loved Caesar. I chose to get busy instead and I signed myself up for an involvement in all sort of activities. Getting myself overwhelmed with work and multiple commitments helps keep myself sane. Having said that, I have made it apparent that I have not gotten over the pain. I have tried everything I could to feel as happy and as complete as I was but I know I am still struggling to recover. That excruciating pain still creeps back occasionally. I miss him very very badly.

I have to give myself credit that I have done a good job being strong, given the pain I was made to go through. I have been doing my best to move on independently without Caesar. I have been blocking out emotions with my jaws and fists clenched, every time I drive through the road which Caesar and I last travelled - I was crying uncontrollably into the phone while Shiva tried to calm me down from overseas. That time, Caesar had collapsed and he could not get up on his own. Despite being in the weak state he was in, he interrupted my conversation when touched me with his paw, as if asking me to stop crying. It was a somewhat beautiful moment that was very painful.

Since none of the practices I have tried have worked and getting Caesar back is not an option, I am now convinced that getting another dog would help me feel more complete again. Caesar will never be replaceable but I believe a new relationship with a loyal canine can fill the empty spot in my heart which Caesar left. Next doggie, a malamute, hopefully one that looks like my baby.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Panties That Ladies Must Have In Their Wardrobe!

"The right panties can make or break your outfit or your day depending upon how they fit and feel. Your body, wardrobe and your personal comfort level, as well as your activity, are all important factors to consider when selecting undergarments."
Some women consider the choice of daily underwear as important as outerwear. The choice of underwear may depend on one's mood or on the purpose for outfit coordination. Certain types of underwear are more suited to a particular event or occasion, the daily routine, or an activity. This blog post will introduce you to the HUGE range of Impression Underwear I have been introduced to.

I cannot emphasize further how proud I am that Impression Lingerie is a home-grown brand with 20 years of history and its company has 40 years of history! I also love it how Impression Lingerie continues to offer trendy designs of lingerie at a fraction of the price competitors are selling.

Mesh Nets

The first Must Have I am featuring is underwear made of mesh nets, regardless of types and designs.

Apart from of the loud colours meant for the perky and bubbly personalities which Impression Lingerie has personally matched, what I really like about these mesh nets underwear is that they DRY EXTREMELY FAST after wash!

Gone were the days we bring unattractive and uncomfortable disposables on overseas trip. A lot of people also bring old/torn/unwanted underwear overseas to be worn and thrown away immediately after.

Why compromise on wearing something unattractive and uncomfortable when you can wear lightweight, breathable and attractive underwear that dries in less than an hour?

As mentioned that some ladies saw equal importance in the choice of inner and outer wear, having a variance of colours is important if you are someone who likes to or who would like to explore matching our underwear to your mood.


Thongs with Lace and Ribbons

Needless to say, they look so cute! Look at the tiny heart-shaped patterns on the mesh nets! Unlike popular beliefs among non-thong-wearers, thongs are comfortable to wear. This might also be a great gift idea if you are attending a bridal shower!

You do not have to be married or have someone to impress before you can wear thongs

Hipsters/Low rise

Low Rise Cotton Panties

If you own a pair of ‘low rise’ jeans, this underwear is a necessity. You can avoid embarrassing moments of exposing your underwear unknowingly when you sit or bend over.


Every one ought to have underwear made of cotton! This material is naturally resistant to dust and dust mites, and is also non-irritating. It does not aggravate dry skin or cause allergic reactions, even for people who are prone to skin problems like rashes or eczema. It is needless for me to point out the breathability of cotton!

The cotton panties shown in the picture above comes with a support design which slows down the rate of sagging of your buttocks. The added seams shown in the picture below hugs the shape of your buttocks and gives it more support than what normal underwear can provide.

Impression's Cotton Range

Sanitary panties

Sanitary panties are special panties designed to be worn during menstruation together with a sanitary pad. It is said that more than 80% of Japanese women use it.

Impression's sanitary panties come in standard colours of beige and nude and also black with pink polka-dots. They have an additional sheet of nylon fabric at the buttock area to prevent leakage from seeping through and also to make washing easier when leakage occurs.

With a pair of sanitary panties, you no longer need to worry about staining your outfits! I wish I had these when I was in secondary school and junior college so I wouldn't need to go through all that embarrassing moments or time wasted for washing and drying my skirt in the washroom!!

Personally, this is my number 1 choice of underwear when it comes to long distance running. You are least likely to suffer abrasions wearing this. "Going commando" is NOT an option for me.

The picture on the left depicts not just a visible panty line but a very OBVIOUS one. Two words, extremely hideous.

The only way to prevent visible panty-line is to invest in in a set of seamless underwear. If you don't know what they are, it's time you get acquainted with seamless undies and find out what they can do for you.

What is seamless underwear?
Seamless underwear eliminates unsightly side seams, giving a smooth appearance under almost all garments. Seamless undies can help you achieve the smooth profile you want when wearing tight outfits and clothes made of clingy fabrics.

Seamless thongs

Seamless Cotton Underwear

These seamless it also has edges that prevent chafing and irritation to the skin.

A body slimming underwear for women that gives women the chance to be in a better body form effortlessly.

Impression's girdles are shaped like panties, but very tight. These pants are normally used after the underwear. Its function is to resist the stomach to make it look more flat. On the days that you feel that your stomach is very distended, use this pair.

This has allowed me to wear any body-hugging dresses I want even on days I am having bloated stomach due to gastritis OR due to PMS.

Impression's girdles come in seamless design.

Last but not least, a very GOOD TO HAVE.


Before being introduced to this  by Impression,  I NEVER KNEW PADDED UNDIES EXISTED. I wouldn't say this is something you MUST have but it is a bonus to keep a pair for standby. It serves the same purpose of a padded bra, just that it is meant for your bottoms. Sometimes, you just need that little bit of additional boost to do justice to that gorgeous outfit you have bought for a special occasion.

Impression's padded underwear has a seamless design too so you can wear this under a body-hugging outfit without having to worry about visible panty lines.

You now have a choice to stop splurging on international brands with overpriced products and try what Impression Lingerie has to offer.

Now, where can you find Impression?
It is available at the following locations:
BHG Bugis
BHG Tampines
Isetan Katong (Parkway Parade)
Isetan Nex (Serangoon)
Isetan (WestGate)
John Little Marina Square
John Little Plaza Singapura
John Little Tiong Bahru
John Little Jurong Point
Metro City Square
Metro Woodlands
Metro Sengkang
OG Albert
OG Orchard Point
OG People's Park
Takashimaya Departmental Store (Exclusive Nightwear and Lounge Wear)
Tom and Stefanie (Westmall and Civic Centre)
Do support local brand and like them on their Facebook page (! 

Good news is that there will be 5 winners who will be chosen to pick up 3 panties of their choice. Follow these steps to stand to win freebies!
1) "Like" Impression Lingerie Facebook page at
2)  On the picture title "Genevieve’s intimate secret with panties @ Impression!”, hit the “Share" button to share it with your friends (enable public access for just this post).
3)  On the same picture "Genevieve’s intimate secret with panties @ Impression!", submit your comment on what you would like to win! “Eg. I will like some seamless thongs!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (pleading is optional but it might help *shrugs*)”

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pet Food Recommendation - Wellness Kittles Cat Treats

I cannot stress enough on the importance of feeding pets wholesome and healthy food. I thought it makes more sense to spend money on good food than on medical treatments for conditions caused by the consumption of poor choice of food, doesn't it?

This new treat from Wellness is called Kittles™. Kittles™ are crunchy cat treats made of 100% all natural ingredients, is grain-free, gluten-free as well as filler-free. In addition to these features, Kittles™ come in three scrumptious flavors:

Each morsel also has under 2 calories, so you can treat your kitty multiples times per day considering that these treats are guilt-free goodies. This is probably one of the best choices of treats for over-weight cats, in my opinion.

Wellness has also thoughtfully made all morsel in shapes of star, flower and heart! 

Here comes the Flavour Tester - Leila! The usual idea is that healthy food are not necessarily the best-tasting one. How does the taste fair for this guilt-free and all natural treat?


It does not make Leila go crazy but it is yummy enough to have her running to you when she knows I am about to reward Kittles!

My verdict
Quality: ★ premium treat for sure!
Taste: ☆ as mentioned above.
Crunch: ★ easy for cats to crunch on.

You may get it from for 20% cheaper than normal retail price and if you do not hit the minimum order requirement for free delivery, there are relatively cheaper shipping options compared to the flat rate of $10 offered by other merchants.

I cannot recall when was the last time I did a review for pet food and I cannot be sure if I have done any for cat products. You see, I was too obsessed with Caesar and even though Leila feasts only on high-grade healthy food, I was more inclined to sharing with dog owners what I feed Caesar. Nevertheless, I am back! Will be resuming write-ups on dog, cat and small animal products!

This is NOT a paid post. The products are not sponsored, I bought them so I could let Leila try it and recommend it only if I think they are good enough. Though I would say that now that I have certified this fit for the Ambassadors of Pawfection, I probably will not refuse this very product if it was given to me!