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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pet Food Recommendation - Wellness Kittles Cat Treats

I cannot stress enough on the importance of feeding pets wholesome and healthy food. I thought it makes more sense to spend money on good food than on medical treatments for conditions caused by the consumption of poor choice of food, doesn't it?

This new treat from Wellness is called Kittles™. Kittles™ are crunchy cat treats made of 100% all natural ingredients, is grain-free, gluten-free as well as filler-free. In addition to these features, Kittles™ come in three scrumptious flavors:

Each morsel also has under 2 calories, so you can treat your kitty multiples times per day considering that these treats are guilt-free goodies. This is probably one of the best choices of treats for over-weight cats, in my opinion.

Wellness has also thoughtfully made all morsel in shapes of star, flower and heart! 

Here comes the Flavour Tester - Leila! The usual idea is that healthy food are not necessarily the best-tasting one. How does the taste fair for this guilt-free and all natural treat?


It does not make Leila go crazy but it is yummy enough to have her running to you when she knows I am about to reward Kittles!

My verdict
Quality: ★ premium treat for sure!
Taste: ☆ as mentioned above.
Crunch: ★ easy for cats to crunch on.

You may get it from for 20% cheaper than normal retail price and if you do not hit the minimum order requirement for free delivery, there are relatively cheaper shipping options compared to the flat rate of $10 offered by other merchants.

I cannot recall when was the last time I did a review for pet food and I cannot be sure if I have done any for cat products. You see, I was too obsessed with Caesar and even though Leila feasts only on high-grade healthy food, I was more inclined to sharing with dog owners what I feed Caesar. Nevertheless, I am back! Will be resuming write-ups on dog, cat and small animal products!

This is NOT a paid post. The products are not sponsored, I bought them so I could let Leila try it and recommend it only if I think they are good enough. Though I would say that now that I have certified this fit for the Ambassadors of Pawfection, I probably will not refuse this very product if it was given to me!

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Cat Found At The Foot Of A HDB Block Believed To Have Fallen Off The Building

At about 2 pm earlier today, I received a message from Georgina regarding a "severely injured cat" found. The idea of severe injury did not appear clear to me till I saw the pictures she attached.

It was Georgina's friend who found the female cat at the foot of Blk 434 Hougang Ave 8 and alerted the police as well as the SPCA. Within 30 minutes, the injured cat was picked up by the SPCA and was later transferred to Yishun 326 Tabby cat - a cat rescue group. The rescue volunteers swiftly brought her to receive immediate medical attention.

According to the rescuers, these are the extent of her injuries:
  • Severely bruised lungs
  • Dislocated pelvis
  • Fractured jaw
  • Fractured backbone
  • Fractured right front leg 
  • Possible torn bladder
  • Possible internal injuries
The cat was given painkillers and will be put on close monitor throughout the night at the veterinary hospital. She is still in critical condition.

This cat looks well-fed and she must have had a care taker. If you live near Blk 434 Hougang Ave 8, ask the cat feeders if they can recognise this cat. If you have any idea who is the owner or who might have been responsible for this cats' condition, please step forward and provide us with any information which can be useful for the on-going investigations.

I would like to personally applaud everyone who has been directly involved in the rescue. Let us pray that this kitty will pull through.

Friday, July 04, 2014

3 More Hours To The Registration of Color Run. DO NOT MISS IT! [Sponsored]

This race is so popular that it has to take place in 2 days just to accommodative the demands of Singaporeans who want to take part in the happiest 5K on the planet! However, even with this initiative, the Color Run SG last year was fully signed-up for within a day! Many of my personal friends were discussing about it, they procrastinated and missed the chance to register for this race.

In summary, you start the race in white and you end up in rainbow colours.

I shall say no more. You have less than 3 hours to the start of registration. Do not hesitate or you will miss the chance like how my friends did!

I need to say no more. Set your alarms, camp at your computer desk and start refreshing the registration page at 2:59pm later. See you at the race!


Presenting Sponsor  

Official Venue Partner

Organized by

Endorsed by

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Race Against Racism! [Sponsored]

Have you heard about the Orange Ribbon Run?

Orange Ribbon Celebrations is a ground up movement to promote racial and religious harmony. Since the 1990s, the Orange Ribbon has been adopted by countries and groups of individuals as the symbol of harmony, equality and freedom. In Singapore, the Orange Ribbon is adopted as a symbol of respect, understanding, trust and friendship. The Orange Ribbon Run is a signature event and focal point to promote understanding, appreciation and trust among Singapore’s multi-cultural and multi-religious society. The Orange Ribbon Run is gaining momentum as a people’s movement. Being Singapore’s only Run against Racism, we call on Singaporeans to come together and make a stand. The Orange Ribbon Run provides an excellent avenue for the silent majority to speak up and show support for the cause. Join the Race Against Racism and spread the movement.
The Race against racism is organised by and supported by the People's Association as well as various community development councils!

Shiva and myself cannot find a reason not to take part in this - he is a product of racial harmony (haha) and both of us are obviously colour blind in the racial context. That aside, Racial Harmony is a significant part of the Singaporean identity so join us and sign up here! It has been great meeting some of you at race events and I hope to say hi to more of you.

  • Orange Ribbon Run 2014 Running T-shirt
  • Orange Ribbon Run 2014 Bag
  • Race Bib
  • Finisher Medal (for competitive runners only)
  • And other goodies from sponsors!

CategoriesFlag-off TimeNow - 25 June 201426 June - 31 July 2014
Past Participants
/ PAssion Card Members
/ PAssion POSB Debit Cardholders^
PublicPast Participants
/ PAssion Card Members
/ PAssion POSB Debit Cardholders^
10km/ 5km
(Men/ Women)
Flag-off Time: 4pm

Flag-off Time: 4.30pm
$ 28.00$ 33.00$ 33.00$ 38.00
10km/ 5km
(Group of 2 to 4 participants)*
$ 25.00$ 30.00$ 30.00$ 35.00
10km/ 5km
(Group of 20 and above)
$ 25.00
10km/ 5km
(Group of 20 full-time students and above)
$ 20.00
3.5km Fun Walk
Arrival Time: 5pm

Event Commencement: 5.30pm

Flag-off Time: 6pm
$ 13.00$ 15.00$ 18.00$ 20.00
3.5km Fun Walk
(Group of 20 and above)
$ 5.00$ 10.00
*Groups of 2 to 4 participants must consist of 1 participant of different ethnic group, regardless of gender.

**Group of 20 Participants (VWOs/NPOs/GROs/Schools) participating in 3.5km Fun Walk, please contact us for special concessions on a first-come, first-served basis.

***The flag-off timings are indicative and may be subject to changes. For competitive runners, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to respective flag-off time.

^PAssion Card Membership is non-transferable. PAssion Card Membership cards cannot be used to register for non-members.
For the purpose of age verification, the age of participant shall be taken based on year 2014.
- Participants for the 10km / 5km competitive run must be 13 years old and above as in year 2014.
Group Registration 
To register as a group of 20 participants and above, please email to


Organised By:

In Partnership With:

Supported By:

Monday, June 23, 2014

Have some furry fun with your pet @ SCAPE!

Mark you calendars because this coming weekend, Clubpets is organising a fun-filled event which all pets and their owners are well-deserved of! Admission is FREE. There will be adoption drives, competitions, performances, birthday party, fashion show, a talk by a local vet, DOGGIE SOLEMNISATION and an award ceremony spreading over a period of 3 days.

Yes, dogs are getting married on the Sunday (HAHA). I am not sure who would Caesar marry if he is still around. He had far too many girlfriends and I am not sure if he would be willing to commit to one. I wouldn't want to upset the in laws because of his frivolous conduct.


I'll be there not just as their appointed media influencer but as an owner of a booth!! My pet supplies store, Pawfection, will also be having a booth on all three days putting up our products for SALE and some of which will be slashed into ridiculous prices. Just for your information, anyone who says hi will bring home generous goodies FREE from my booth. You do not even need to buy anything from Pawfection!

Thank you Citrus Media for this opportunity!

Here are SOME of the things you will be expecting from my booth.
[They are not all!]


Just take as many Caesar merchandise as you want...
Seriously, as many as you want!
Just grab and offer your precious!
These Wellness treats are specially formulated for dogs with sensitive skin and digestive system.

With Wellness Food Samples in assorted formulas

$10 vouchers to be used at Pawfection Online Store

with any purchase of collars
Treats, Toys, Food worth over $1000 in total to be won!
Not revealing the products here but I can promise you the pet products are all of premium quality and your doggies will LOVE IT!


Please note that these are NOT all. There are too many to be featured and there will be wayyyyyyy more on the day of the event!!

Special thanks to Silversky for being so supportive of this event for my store. They have made sure that they sponsor only the best products for friends of Pawfection. This is one of the best companies which products they carry are ALL approved by me to be fed to Caesar. For those who have followed me long enough, you would have known how important it is for me to give Caesar only food that promotes good health.

I would say it is wise to follow Silversky's Facebook page because you get to learn one of the most important pet care tips from them. They are honest, ethical people and they do not mislead pet owners with wrong facts in attempt to increase revenue.